heritage management

International Profile

Invited to speak on Interpretive Planning to the International National Trusts Conference in Delhi 2008.

Various articles on case studies and principles for the management and public presentation of archaeological sites and involvement of local communities, published in books and periodicals in UK, Poland, New Zealand, Peru and USA. Archaeologia Polona PDF

She was invited to speak to the World Archaeological Congresses in Delhi and Cape Town on
the public presentation of archaeological sites. She was also invited to speak to the Society for
American Archaeology. The paper was published by the US national parks service in the
George Wright Forum volume on archaeology and national parks. Link George Wright PDF

Consultant for UNESCO on the World Heritage Site nomination for Bagan, Myanmar.

Represented ICOMOS UK at UNESCO seminar on Industrial Heritage in Leipzig and delivered
paper on the management and presentation of Industrial Heritage attractions.

Consultant on conservation, public access and presentation for Wadi Dana,
Jordan for Royal Society of Nature Conservation. Link

Member of Council of Europe expert group which prepared discussion paper on interpretation
centres for Eastern Europe.

Addressed the 4th Global Congress on Heritage Interpretation International in Barcelona.

Visiting lecturer and consultant on management of cultural sites within the Sacred Valley,
Peru, for CBC Centre for Andean Studies, Cusco. Link

Visiting lecturer for MA course in Cultural Heritage at Fondacion Universitario
Jose Ortega Y Gassett, Madrid.